Pariah Pete, aka "Pariah like Mariah with a P," is a hip hop artist from Phoenix, Arizona. Even though he is relatively young, Pete's career has already been a musical odyssey of sorts. As a teenager, Pete was a member of the influential hip hop collective 20POUNDS. At 20, he became a solo artist. Through tireless hard work and a unique ability to build an authentic community, Pariah Pete was soon selling out venues across Phoenix and opening shows for the likes of Doja Cat, Earthgang, and Phonyppl. In his latest artistic iteration, Pete has been exploring soul, funk, and jazz to better understand the roots of hip hop. This exploration has led to him performing and writing with an immensely talented live band, The Mercuries. Now, as Pete's path crystallizes, he is making music that reflects his ever-evolving artistic journey. Music that is a testament to his roots and a glimpse of his future.

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