No Vacation

No Vacation originated from San Francisco circa 2015 and quickly received attention for the nostalgic bedroom-pop sounds off of their debut mixtape, Amo XO, and surf-rock single, "Dræm Girl." Early 2017, No Vacation delivered their hazy EP Intermission and wildly successful single "Yam Yam," which has garnered 90 million Spotify streams along with nearly one million views on a beautifully crafted music video.

No Vacation demonstrated the meticulous patience in their craft by releasing their latest EP Phasing at the end of 2019. As an unsurprising reflection of No Vacation's "quality of quantity" attitude, The Fader described Phasing as "easily their best yet, eschewing the promising but semi-ironic beach-punk of their early days in favor of smart, beguiling dream pop."

The quintessence of No Vacation's songwriting can be described as "a mixture of happiness with a tinge of sadness," highlighting Sab Mai's signature subdued vocals supported by Nat Lee's classical string and piano background and Harrison Spencer's distinct shoegaze guitars.

In 2023, the era of Post-Covid, No Vacation resides throughout California and has reunited to deliver a standout live performance, selling out the West Coast and CDMX and making appearances at California's Outside Lands and Maryland's All Things Go festivals.

No Vacation's dynamic live set transforms their sentimental and emotional recordings into sentimental memories filled with energy, dancing and an overly welcoming and loving community. No Vacation has solidified their live performance by having James Shi, (co-writer on Intermission), rejoin them on stage to play drums along with multi-instrumentalist Alex Togashii on synthesizers & cello.

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