Ian Starr

IAN STARR is a vocalist, producer, and songwriter who is not afraid to challenge the norms and conventions of modern identity. Born and raised in South Florida, Ian grew up surrounded by diverse musical influences and cultures, such as hip hop, electronic, latin, and rock. His debut album, “777starrdust & Th3 S3v3n D3adly S1ns of Th3 1nt3rn3t”, which released in 2020, was a bold, provocative statement about his relationship with his digital upbringing; which he expressed through an alter-ego named Lucky Starrdust. This concept album was a musical critique of his lifelong experience with internet culture and its vices. Ian is now ready to unleash a new music genre, which he dubs 'Ravepunk', a hardcore techno fusion of gabber, anthemic choruses, and punk vocals with heavy processing. Ravepunk is Ian’s expression of a rebellious and energetic spirit, as well as his passion for experimental fashion and identity.

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