Edison Song

Edison Song, producer and musician at Sunset Music, began releasing his own solo work and collaborations in 2018. Since 2019 he has published a host of singles, EPs, and an instrumental album, Outline Vol.1. In 2022 he worked with musician O3ohn to produce the EP Posture and Attitude as part of the Infinity Sunset series of collaborative albums. In September of that same year he played guitar for 9m88 during her live performances opening for Sunset Rollercoaster on the European leg of their Infinity Sunset tour. Outside of Taiwan, Edison Song has a broad and rapidly growing fanbase in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, among other places.


At the same time, Edison Song has also worked as an actor for many years, appearing in a wide variety of films, television shows, advertisements, and music videos. Of Taiwan’s newest generation of up-and-coming actors, he is one of the most exciting to watch. Having found success in both music and film, Edison Song’s future is one of great potential which could add new energy to Taiwan’s current pop-music scene and raise its global competitiveness.

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