DJ Sunny Z

This dynamic husband and wife duo is led by multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer Quetzal Guerrero also known as QVLN (Q-Violin) and supported by the vibrant sound selector Sunshine Zerda aka DJ Sunny Z. Together they are at the forefront of music genre evolution and exploration. Their sound encompasses the Afro diasporic rhythms of the Western hemisphere combined with electronic Global Bass elements. This creative couple seeks to uplift and inspire listeners with their musical diversity and positive message as well as incorporating community engagement.
Since very early childhood, QVLN has lived, studied and performed all over the world. His musical education has spanned from the Institute of Suzuki in Matsumoto, Japan to the Capoeira rodas of Recife, Brazil and most recently the Nada Yoga School in Rishikesh, India. His discography includes several full length albums of original compositions along with multiple features and collaborations with artists from across the globe. QVLN has also had the opportunity to be a musical ambassador for the American Music Abroad program that toured throughout Latin America 2015 - 2016 and serves as a prime example for how music can unite cultures and communities globally.
Sunshine’s musical journey began in her adolescent years. Growing up in South San Francisco, she was part of a vibrant music and dance community. Having traveled throughout her childhood to the Philippines and Europe, she was exposed to many cultures and customs which helped her to develop an eclectic ear for music. After graduating high school she moved to Southern California to go to college, it was during this era that she cultivated her passion as a music curator. A few years later a mutual friend introduced her to QVLN and they soon began producing events together, playing multiple-genre-spanning sets and opening up the audiences’ ears to a diverse plethora of sounds.
Since joining forces, QVLN and Sunny Z have had amazing opportunities from studying sound healing in India to performing abroad in countries Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Morocco, Australia and Indonesia. Their passion for connecting communities through music has led to an ever evolving journey of cultural enrichment and spiritual enlightenment. When you experience the energy between these two souls and the vibrations they emit you will be filled with love and light.

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