Chrome Rhino

Chrome Rhino’s style of rock n’ roll will dazzle your senses while stomping you into the dust like you are on fire.

Recently named “Best Band” by the Phoenix New Times, this adventurous and energetic Phoenix AZ quartet embody the escapism we’re all looking for. It’s the kind of rock music for when you’d rather be somewhere else, whether escaping from a ravenous monster, in the wilderness hunting for cryptids, or perhaps alone on a rocket careening into space.

Their tunes combine the kaleidoscopic twists and turns of Electric Light Orchestra, the screaming guitars and lush vocal harmonies of Queen, and the playful wildness of Alice Cooper and Tenacious D. With their exciting live shows and innovative music videos, Chrome Rhino brings dextrous musicianship, eclectic songwriting that’s whimsical yet deep, and a generous helping of nostalgia.

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