Birds & Arrows

Birds and Arrows new album, "Electric Bones", is a collection of thoughtful compositions, dynamic harmonies, and stellar vocal performances all with a classic 70’s feel. Reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, Birds and Arrows combines lush moody soundscapes w/ a classic rock groove and, at times, massive guitars. These new songs are a fascinating ride through this longtime-married duo’s psyche while navigating the last few years of uncertainty.

Andrea and Pete Connolly have been a creative team for over 17 years.  Both visual artists as well as musicians, the couple has a unique, all immersive approach to their music and art collaborations.  Every song on “Electric Bones” is to be paired with an imaginative visual concept video, 6 of these music videos have already been released. So make sure to check them out on their YouTube Channel.

Birds and Arrows have been featured on compilations with the likes of Wilco, Big Star, Yo La Tengo, and Whiskeytown. And have recently played with OMD, Doctor Dog, Black Mountain and Starcrawler.

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