The National Parks

You know the feeling when the clouds part and the sun shines down on you, the rush you get when you run and jump into a lake at full speed, or the moment a gust of morning air brings new life as you step outside and look at the world around you?

The National Parks translate these sensations into songs.

The Provo, UT quartet—Brady Parks [vocals, guitar], Sydney Macfarlane [vocals, keys], Cam Brannelly [drums], and Megan Parks [violin]—breathe in inspiration from the world around them and exhale cinematic indie folk-pop powered by soaring harmonies, organic orchestration, and luminous electronics.

Now, the group expand their vision yet again on their fifth full-length offering, 8th Wonder.

“The overarching theme is getting out of our heads, getting into nature and experiencing the world around us with the people who matter the most and living life to the fullest,” observes Brady. “This album came at a time of big transition. Within a year, there were a lot of significant and exciting personal changes. Musically, there are massive and anthemic moments and quiet, introspective parts. Overall, we tried to write the soundtrack to the road trip of life.”

Megan concurs, “I’m spiritually connected when I’m in nature and when I’m listening to music. We hope you hear the connection between nature and music. Listen to these songs and remember your adventures.”

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