The Brother Brothers

Announcing their 3rd album of original songs, The Brother Brothers are ready to release The January Album starting in the month of January! Deep in the pre-vaccine period of 2021, the brothers shacked up at Montrose studios with producer Bridget Kearney of Lake Street Dive and Engineer Phil Weinrobe (Alanis Morrisette, Big Thief, Damien Rice, Buck Meek and many others) in Richmond VA to undertake this month long recording session. Strictly isolated in the studio and on site accommodations, they spent a month writing, recording, and creating.

The January Album is a collection of songs that speak to the parts of oneself that want to up and throw sedentary worldly possessions in the trash and leave town. Get a camper and travel the country, or fall in love with the west coast and surf everyday. Or spend quiet desert nights staring into the sky contemplating the stars and existence and the wisdom of our ancestors. It speaks to what little we know or understand and how sometimes the only way to attempt understanding is through music and metaphor.

Maybe considered the brothers’ most collaborative effort yet, Adam says, “it feels like the truest and realest thing we’ve ever made.” Although not their first “full band” album, this is their most in depth and creative endeavor into the studio experience.

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