Michael Minelli

When Michael Minelli sings, you know it’s him. With show-stopping delivery, dynamic range, and timeless panache, the Connecticut born & raised singer/songwriter immediately sets himself apart. It’s no surprise he’s earned the praise of everyone from Ryan Seacrest to BuzzFeed.

For Minelli, it’s all a matter of soul. “Soul is the core of everything,” he affirms. “It’s that thing you can’t put your finger on. Anytime somebody hears my music, I want them to immediately say, ‘That’s a Michael Minelli record’.”

With over a decade of experience as an artist, Minelli seems to finally have hit his stride gaining over 20 million views, hundreds of thousands of followers & a 300% increase in streams all during the first month of being active on tiktok singing his song in public all over the country.

Michael set the foundation in 2022 with major labels calling, huge sponsorships, and a 30 city, nationwide tour with fellow artist, Anees. With 2023 on the horizon, Michael is set for his long awaited explosion. One thing is for sure. When the time comes, he’ll be ready

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