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Too much thinking can get in the way of good art. That's the philosophy that indie singer/songwriter JAWNY has embraced. JAWNY has built his career by intuition, letting his music evolve naturally as he grows personally. Instead of chasing the high of past successes -- including his 2019 Gold-certified hit, "Honeypie" -- he's following his gut and tapping into a new vision that reflects his growth over the years. Even as he embraces a "first thought, best thought" approach to making music, his songs have grown in scope and scale -- elevating him from songwriter to indie-pop auteur with a kaleidoscopic vision and rich sense of narrative that informs everything he does.

With the release of the blistering "take it back," JAWNY's barreling full steam ahead with a dream collaborator by his side. The iconic alt-trickster Beck contributes guitar and vocals to the track, which resulted in a scrappy and thrashing sing-along that can bring a whole crowd into a frenzy. JAWNY joined Beck on a recent tour of the U.K. this summer. "I know that I'm in love with you," JAWNY announces on the perky, piano-punching intro, which bleeds into "strawberry chainsaw," a cheeky metaphor on love's sweet-sinister dichotomy that's delivered with a loose, lively swagger. With his recent release "adios," he unleashes his falsetto as he realizes his relationship's fate: "Now I feel like a blackout, New York City grid max out, when she said adios."

Born Jacob Sullenger and raised in the Bay Area, JAWNY first picked up a guitar at age 6 after watching his dad jam to the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. At 13, he began making beats with his brother, eventually landing placements with several rappers on SoundCloud. "Since birth, I've never wanted to do anything else," he says.

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