Gene Moran & the Soul Searchers

Once described as a “musician who shouldn’t be a musician,” Mesa, AZ based singer / songwriter / musician Gene Moran may be hard to categorize but he sure isn’t hard to listen to. 

Take some old classic country 45s from the Hank Williams school of lonesome, add a heavy dose of alt rock, grunge and fuzz (ala Dinosaur Jr. and the like) and throw in some old school Arizona desert rock of the Naked Prey, Greyhound Soul and Giant Sand variety. Now multiply all of that by some better than average free childhood guitar lessons by a talented relative and divide it by an accident at birth (cerebral palsy) which resulted in a unique and distinctive playing style.

Now transmute the sound in your head and make it a dozen or so times better than what you’re already imagining. Yeah. This guy’s the real deal. 

A former teacher, a small town troubadour and a lifelong dabbler in the live music realm, Moran recently traded in being in front of a classroom for being in front of an audience. Both as a solo musician and as part of Tempe, AZ’s Mean Gene and the Soul Scorchers, Rockin’ Chair, and San Diego, CA based Mean Gene and the Green Sardines, Moran’s rock and roll journey may just be beginning, but this is a man that’s bound to go places. Catch him while you can!

“There’s peeps that write about themselves and peeps that write about the world around them. Gene Moran has an attention to detail about the world around him…a perspective that most of us miss. He conjures up not just his own world but those of others as well. And you’d be lucky if you were a part of it.”

- Joe Peña, Greyhound Soul

“A lot of people relate to Gene’s songs…everyday issues of poverty, addiction, despair, love and any number of sad and tragic things in life. He just lays it all out there for us with that beautiful smile just about a mile wide. Your number one fan, Van.”

- Van Christian, Naked Prey

Gene Moran and the Soul Scorchers on YouTube.

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“A Thousand Words” by Gene Moran on YouTube.

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