GabaGhoul (they/them) is approaching their 14 year as an entertainer in the Phoenix valley. Gaba is an awarding-winning show director who enjoys the sounds of obnoxious laughter and laughing so hard you cry. GabaGhoul is a drag queen who is second to none. GabaGhoul has a noble resume, ranging from being an intense change enthusiast to being a drag superhero in a book. One of Gaba’s fondest memories is when they were selected to be a cartoon character featured along global queer legends and drag queen royalty. GabaGhoul is a cluster of fun and a sprinkle of madness yet always ready for an entertaining evening. Gaba’s strengths include getting the job done and ensuring life is a little bit easier for our Queer+trans community. Let's celebrate progress together and have fun while doing it. 

with Chappell Roan Dance Night, DJ Robbie, GabaGhoul
Crescent Ballroom
Fri June 21, 2024 9:00 pm
21 and up