Dirt Skirt

Our first album, Can’t Sleep, is now available on all streaming platforms. 

Before I get into the story behind this work, I want to thank my bandmates, Nat and Jordan, for their incredible musicality, time, and dedication.  I want to thank my recording engineer, Josh Medina, for his unique ability to both push me and remind me when I’m too in my head. And lastly, I want to thank my mastering engineer, Fuzzywallz Mastering for doing such a beautiful job of finishing these tracks.  

In all honesty, I’m a little shocked to write that.  I realized the other day that becoming a songwriter was a seed I planted in my mind nearly twenty years ago.  It has now come to fruition in a number of ways, today in the form of a record.

When I stopped pursuing classical music seriously, I got heavily into punk and riot grrrl music.  I had spent so many years striving for perfection (and failing, of course) that I ended up completely boxed in, creatively speaking.  This was when I really connected with the ethos of punk.  I loved that it encourages you to show up in all of your ugliness, pain, and rage and reveal it using simple musical ideas.  It’s visceral and messy and that’s exactly what I needed.  But because I’m not a person who enjoys adhering to one particular genre, my writing morphed into something different, something my own, still embodying the character of punk in the lyrics, but not necessarily in the music.

This album is about what it’s like to grieve.  It’s about trying to survive a culture consumed by materialism and power.  It celebrates truth in all of its chaotic detail.  It is a love letter to the misfits, the anxious, the lost, the enraged, the depressed, the misunderstood, and the invisible. 

I hope you enjoy Can’t Sleep: https://dirtskirt.bandcamp.com/album/cant-sleep

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