Russo, Aleem

Sun, April 29, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$26.00 - $125.00

This event is all ages

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madison beer is reluctant to say that her career has been a dream come true. “it couldn’t possibly be,” she says, “because this is too crazy for even my wildest dreams.” her assertion is certainly true; the 18-year-old recording artist, has a story that reads more like a fairytale.

madison grew up in jericho, new york, where she fell in love with performing almost immediately. “i have honestly been singing since i came out of the womb,” she laughs. “when people asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up, i’d say ‘i already am what i want to be: a singer.’” at a young age, madison also experimented with a variety of instruments including guitar, piano and even drums. her sheer love for all things music eventually led her to post cover videos on youtube. her covers have ranged in style, from bruno mars to lauryn hill to adele, effortlessly infusing each song with her own unique sensibility and powerful voice.

in 2012, madison’s cover of etta james’ at last attracted the attention of global superstar justin bieber, who shared the video on twitter with his legions of fans. madison was thrust into the spotlight almost immediately, gaining widespread media attention and a loyal fan base of her own. “i couldn’t believe justin posted my video,” she remembers. “the fact that he gave me a chance – i can’t express how that feels.”

madison’s bubbly personality is infectious. she’s giddy and sweet, preaching positivity and self-acceptance to her millions of fans. “it’s such a crazy thing that i have the power to reach so many people,” she says of her robust social following. “i love engaging with everyone – i want to make sure they’re feeling good and following their dreams like i did.” her optimistic outlook is refreshing and sincere; like her immense vocal talent, it’s a constant reminder that she’s wise beyond her 18 years.

as she moves from tween pop to a more defined edgier sound, madison’s music is also beginning to reflect this maturity. the first single off her debut album is called, “dead”, it’s sexy, smart, and cool. “i wanted something with a lot of attitude that would empower anyone going through a tough time.” the first time i heard “dead” i knew that it that this was my song, i fought hard for it. i hope you all love it as much as i do.”

madison remains a fierce advocate and ally for the lgbtq community and wants to continue to work to combat bullying of all kinds. “i take this all very seriously, i work hard at being a positive role model. kindness is key!”

as her career continues to take off, madison gains more and more dedicated fans. “i feel so lucky to have such amazing people supporting me,” she says earnestly, and she genuinely supports them back. “i get to feel like my fans are my friends, i love them all and never want to let them down”.
Boogie-funk, r'n'b and dance music trio formed in New York City.

Identical twin brothers Taharqa Aleem and Tunde Ra Aleem began their career as The Ghetto Fighters with covers of Jimi Hendrix's "Cry Of Love" and "Rain Bow Bridge" (they also shared the same apartment with Jimi). They formed Aleem with Leroy Burgess as a vocalist during the early '80s and originally released dance songs on their own label, NIA Records ("Hooked On Your Love", "Get Down Friday Night", "Release Yourself". 1985's "Confusion", resulted in a deal with Atlantic where they released two albums.

They worked as producers on acts including Fonda Rae, Caprice, Captain Rock and Process and the Doo Rags. The NIA label also became home to such notable rappers as Marley Marl and MC Shan and helped develop the careers of MCs such as Sparky D. After NIA Records folded, the twins opened up their own recording studio in the late '80s.
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