Wed, January 16, 2013

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Three stand-outs from the singer-songwriter world on tour together: Ryan Cabrera (platinum singles "On The Way Down", "True", "Shine On"), Teddy Geiger (platinum single "For You I Will", star of the film "The Rocker") & Tyler Hilton (star of CW's "One Tree Hill" & Oscar winning film "Walk the Line"). Performing their best loved songs, as well as new material, in an intimate, acoustic setting.

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Guitarist, songwriter, and Texas native Ryan Cabrera never planned on a career in music. His hobby turned into a passion after hearing Dave Matthews, causing him to turn his back on the noisy punk rock of his high-school band, Caine, and pick up an acoustic guitar for the newly minted Rubic's Groove. The group found popularity in the Dallas area, sharing stages with Cheap Trick, Ben Harper, and Third Eye Blind, before Cabrera's departure. Making the most of a block of studio time -- a birthday present from his brother -- the high-school dropout cut three original songs that impressed the engineer enough to offer the opportunity to do a full-length -- for free. Elm Street was a self-released success, selling out locally and garnering favorable reviews and a deluge of Internet orders. In 2001, Cabrera signed to Atlantic, which scheduled the long-player Take It All Away for release in 2004. Assisting behind the boards were Sabelle Breer and Curt Frasca (Avril Lavigne), Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams), and co-producer Johnny Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls). You Stand Watching arrived in 2005, followed by Moon Under Water in 2008
Before Tyler Hilton wrote the songs that appear on his new album The Storms We Share he had never written anything but love songs. "It•s not that I was uninterested in things other than love, but it was love that made me want to write songs," the 26-year-old singer, songwriter, and guitarist says. Which would have
been fine except that Hilton had been working on a new album for three years and had already scrapped hundreds of songs that he didn•t consider good enough. Uninspired, he was having a hard time motivating himself to keep going.

"I started coming up with these lyrics that were little pep talks to myself, like„Come on, you can do this. You just have to clear your head and keep going,•" Hilton says. "So several of the tracks on this album, like „Keep On,• „Somehow,• and „This World Will Turn Your Way,• are these encouraging, hopeful tunes, which I•d never usually write, but that•s what was coming out of me at the time."

The uplifting theme of those songs eventually served as the inspiration for the album•s title. "I was looking for a phrase that communicated how we all have something in common," Hilton says. "I was spending a lot of time in the South and in Canada and whenever there was a storm, you could be standing in line at
the grocery store next to a stranger and they•d inevitably remark about the crazy weather. That•s when it hit me: Everyone shares one common thing — weathering the storms together. And that became a metaphor about recognizing that we all need to be encouraged to weather the storms. Sometimes you need
to remind yourself that dreams can happen, but they may take time so can•t give up, which basically describes the last four years of my life. That•s what „This World Will Turn Your Way• is about. I wrote it last and it thematically sums up the whole album in that I took everything I learned and put it into that one song."

The Storms We Share is a vividly drawn, emotionally resonant snapshot from these years, which Hilton spent trying to make a follow-up to his 2004 major-label debut The Tracks of Tyler Hilton. That album, which spawned the Top 40 singles "When It Comes" and "How Love Should Be," introduced the then-21-year-old Palm Springs, Calif., native to the public via Warner Bros. Records• now-defunct label Maverick Records. After the label folded, Warner Bros. executives told Hilton they loved his music, believed in him as an artist, and wanted him to stay with the label.
American singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger first catapulted onto the national stage in March 2006 when his debut album, the critically-acclaimed "Underage Thinking," entered the Billboard Top 200 at #8 and yielded a million-selling Hot AC Top 10 single -- "For You I Will" -- when Teddy was just 16.

This year Teddy is recording and releasing his new album, The Last Fears, exclusively through Pledge Music at www.pledgemusic.com/teddygeiger where fans are invited to help play an integral part in making the album.

Proficient on a number of instruments including guitar, bass, piano and drums, Geiger had first made his reputation as a musician in high school when gigs around his native Rochester, New York, earned the loyalty of an ever-growing fanbase of self-proclaimed "Ted-Heads." While an internet fan buzz fueled his early burgeoning popularity, Teddy's first independent release, the regional EP "Stepladder" (on Cred Records), peaked at #1 in Rochester and made the Top 10 in Billboard's mid-Atlantic regional "Heatseekers" chart, leading to a deal with Columbia Records.

Teddy's debut album, "Underage Thinking," was both a popular and critical success. "Teddy Geiger projects an easy charm along with his real pop chops," raved The New York Times while People magazine, in a three-and-a-half star "Critic's Choice" review, predicted that "Teddy Geiger should have a long career ahead of him."

Teddy's dynamic new school pop, informed by the spirit of rock's glory days, earned him spots on shows featuring Gavin DeGraw, Kelly Clarkson, and Hilary Duff's #1 pop tour. Teddy has shared bills with Brandi Carlile, Pete Yorn, Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, Frankie J, Jesse McCartney, The Click 5, among others. Teddy's breakout year closed with the artist becoming the first male to grace the cover of Seventeen magazine in five years.

Teddy -- who had a dramatic role as an emerging young singer-songwriter in "Love Monkey," the short-lived CBS cult television series (later picked up by VH1) -- made his big screen debut in 2008's "The Rocker," a summer comedy starring Rainn Wilson and Christina Applegate which premiered a number of new Teddy Geiger performances in its soundtrack.

Since the release of "The Rocker," Teddy Geiger moved to New York City and began writing the songs at the core of The Last Fears. New compositions and performances include "Shake It Off," "Magic," "Home," "Ordinary Man," "One More Night," and "Walking In The Sun". The album has a sound not dissimilar from his debut but also showcases both his maturity and depth as a songwriter and craftsman.
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